Hilo Bay Paddler

Complete Service

We offer paddle repairs from cracked blades to shortening your paddle.  Our staff can assist you in finding the right paddle length for the beginner and the advance paddler. 


Outdoor Fun

Whether you're 9 or 89, a day on the water will make you feel like a keiki again. Spend an afternoon learning how to paddle from various clubs in Hilo Bay. We can assist you in finding the right club for you to join. 


How do I protect myself from UV rays?


Stay out of the sun between the hours of 10 am and 4 pm when the UV light is the strongest.


Protect your eyes and wear a hat with like this one. Super comfortable.


Wear sun protection clothing like Xcel and Patagonia

Located in Historic downtown Hilo, Hawai'i Bay front.

  •  Hui Wa'a O Waikea

  •  Kailana Canoe Club

  •  Kamehameha Canoe Club

  •  Keaukaha Canoe Club

  •  Na Wa'a Hanakahi

  •  Puna Canoe Club